Galleries of Haunts Past

In 2012, we didn't really 'Haunt' - we just couldn't pull it together that year, for both time and for money. We did a small version of 2010's 'The Hollow' without the facade etc.

2011's 'Arcanum' was based on an old Hollywood set idea of graveyard tombs and mausoleums.  Of course, the witch from the Hollow is never too far away...

Arcanum 2012
Darkrose 'Small-O'
The Swamp Witch 2007
Cheese Year!

Beyond Darkrose Manor itself lie the swampy woods of Darkrose Hollow.  Deep within the overgrowth of these forgotten grounds live three sinister sister witches...

Deep within the Hollow an old swamp witch casts her Voodoo spell...

The year that started it all...

13 Witches' spirits rise from their graves in DRM Year 1...

The Hollow 2008
The Witches'

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