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Q: Is Darkrose Manor a typical haunted house?

 A: No. Darkrose Manor is a Halloween yard display. (Otherwise known as a 'yard or 'art' haunt') This is a display that is set up in our front yard only. This is a 'walk-by' display - NOT a .walk-through'. As always - Visitors are not allowed inside the house. You thought the yard was scary! ;-) AGAIN, DRM 2015 IS NOT A HAUNTED HOUSE! Please enjoy the display from the sidewalk only.


Q: When is the best day to view Darkrose Manor?

A: To plan your visit towards the end of the month is best, as we will be setting up and building throughout the rest of the month. Most sounds, fog and other effects will not be running until October 30th. We will run some, (but very limited) lighting from October 15th, though this is subject to weather restrictions. Trick-or-Treating on October 31st ONLY.


Q: What does it cost?

A: The Darkrose Manor haunted yard display is FREE to all!

However, we are always willing to accept donations, this only helps us to create a wonderfully haunting display each year.


Q: Where are you?

A: We are located in the 'Carriage Place' neighborhood in Southeast Aurora, Colorado. This is near South Tower and Hampden Rd.



October 31st: Dark - 9:30pm

All effects, full sound.  Be please aware that in the event of rain or snow, we will not be able to run  lights, sound effects or fog.

FYI - Treats are given out on Halloween night to costumed visitors only.


Q: Is Darkrose Manor appropriate for all ages?

A: For the most part, yes. We strive to achieve an overall feeling of atmospheric dread at Darkrose Manor. We do not have a gory display.


NOTE: Please be respectful of our neighbors and their properties if you plan to visit Darkrose Manor. The continuing success of Darkrose Manor relies heavily upon the  kindness and respect  that our visitors exhibit to our neighbors. Let's continue to enjoy the Halloween season together for many years to come! :)


**** PLEASE NOTE that all activities on the DRM property are monitored and recorded via Night-Vision Security Cameras. ***

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