2011 Builds
The Arcanum Facade

So... this is how you turn a 2010 'Hollow' Witch's Shack into a 2011 'Arcanum' Mausoleum.

Same basic pallet structure covered in carved foam. LOTS of styro dust,

LOTS of paint,

LOTS of Spanish Moss,

LOTS of help,

LOTS of patience,

LOTS of Brain Juice,

and LOTS of cussing.

Not to mention having to deal with the fact that the front of your home looks like a Barbie House for weeks! :D


In 2011 we decided that Duncan needed some new arches - we just didn't feel like he was being showcased properly all by himself up on the roof.We utilized some of the broke down arches from the old house and then built him a new center arch as well.Soooo... here's what happened...Oh... and the columns for the mausoleum needed some help too... 

Fountain Basin

The fountain basin was to be incorporated with our old house's 2008 Window Facade. We actually started building it in 2010, but then didn't use it when the theme idea changed.

It did get used in 2011 - plus another rebuild. We replaced the old solar-cover liner with heavy duty pond liner instead... although in the end the fountain didn't work at all.

Soooo instead, it got a LOT of green food coloring and some dry ice. ;)

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