Beyond Darkrose Manor itself lie the swampy  woods of Darkrose Hollow.  Deep within the overgrowth of these forgotten grounds can be found the entrance to Darkrose Mine.  The mine was once the source of the wealth and success of not only the manor itself but also the splendid comfort of the workers and the others that lived in its vicinity.  Time, however, changes all things.  The tragic fate of the ladies that owned the mine and the manor cast its dreadful pall over the entirety of the Hollow.  It is said that three of the witches live still in a dilapidated miners shack near the mine.  These sisters brew their potions and cast their spells to this very day, and the creatures that live on the property are a result of their efforts to keep all trespassers away.  It is known that one should be extremely wary of venturing there and disturbing the peace of these once gentle ladies or those others who inhabit Darkrose Hollow.


Among the others is a large spider called Eunice, who watches over the mine as her minions ensnare any would-be visitors.  ( It has been said that one of them, a small up-start named Horace, left the Hollow and took up residence on the grounds of  The Davis Graveyard ).  At the very entrance of Darkrose Mine, the All, a preternatural council that represents the various races that once inhabited the woods, convene to pronounce judgment and punishment on any who make the mistake of wandering too far from the safety of the world beyond the gates of Darkrose Manor.  Virgil is the general and guardian of the pumpkin patch.  He was created magically by the sisters and is part pumpkin and part human.  He despotically rules the patch from which spring his creeps, who emerge to exercise and enforce the convictions of the All.  Sometimes the creeps, whose nature is instinctively malicious, become too much to handle, and Virgil punishes them by ripping them from their stalks and impaling them as warning to the others.  And though the sisters do not care for visitors, they tolerate these creatures and only a couple of others.  The caretaker of the patch is Mr. Kaleb Hayworth, a wraith of a man who once tended the lush gardens of the manor.  It is also said an old hermit in a black cloak wanders the Hollow enigmatically and is not bothered by any of the other inhabitants.  His nature and presence are dark and merely accepted.


Should you think yourself brave and curious enough to seek out any of these creatures or their lands, be forewarned.  The stories are all conjecture and rumor as there are very few who can honestly say they have visited the Hollow and returned to tell the story.


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