Witch's Shack Facade

Build process for 2010's The Hollow Witch's Shack Facade.

We've had a lot of requests for a tutorial on this, so hopefully the photos will provide the gist. ;)

Pallets and cross bracing.

Plywood roofing with old Juniper debris tossed on top for the thatched roof effect.

2010 Builds
Pumpkin Creeps

Building the Creeps & the Sentinels was a lot like building the Groundbreakers, same basic principal - except they had pumpkin heads!! Adding real pumpkin guts to their mouths as detail later was super fun and gave them a drooling rabid appearance... later we also added Virginia Creeper vines while they were still pliable for extra detail...

Eyeball Plants

Build process of 2010's The Hollow - Eyeball Plants

While I like to pretend I have a green thumb - these eyeball plants definitely have a mind of their own!!

This project came from and was inspired by Ghoul Friday


'Eunice' - Mama Spider

Build process for 'Eunice' our Giant Spider Mama...

Inspired by Spider Rider

She had big pincers and armored joints - then we suspended her about 12 feet into the air for 2010's 'The Hollow' Haunt on 45 lb. test Fishing Line. Fun fun!!


The giant cauldron had issues from the get-go - but we figured it out along the way...


In 2010, it was stirring itself, and then in 2011 we re-used it,

but had a witch stirring instead.


The Giant Cauldron

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