2009 The Swamp Witch


Deep within the Hollow an old swamp witch casts her Voodoo spell...

A Massive Blizzard just two days prior to Halloween put a HUGE damper on our projects for 2009 - I nearly canceled the whole thing! Hubs and Mama talked me out of it. It was our first year in our new neighborhood and I wasn't satisfied with the unfinished nature of some of the projects - but, thankfully our visitors didn't care! They had a blast anyhow! :) Hubby spent two days digging a path for visitors and then tossed our bagged leaves on it for traction. I've included a few photos during the blizzard for fun - not to mention when the canceled sign went into the trash!  The Video is awful... I had no idea how to shoot or edit video at the time. So, if you do watch... have a laugh!


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