2009 Builds
'Virgil'_ The Pumpkin King

Virgil is our Giant Pumpkin King Scarecrow built in 2009 - of course inspired by PumpkinRot.

In 2010's 'The Hollow' he presided over many other smaller 'pumpkin creeps', that he'd eat if he wasn't happy with their behavior...

They pretty much speak for themselves.  Literally.


We used Poly-flex irrigation tubing for their bodies, as I just didn't have the patience for rolled newspaper.

We really liked the emaciated look it gave them. Subsequently, whenever we do bodies now - we always use the poly-flex.

Shop towels dipped in Outdoor carpet adhesive for their 'skin' and foam skulls cut or adjusted for expression...

The Groundbreakers

Essentially 'The All' were built on the premise of Giant Groundbreakers or Scarecrows, each had a purpose in the backstory for that year and stood about 12 feet tall. The heads were the over-sized foam skulls, adjusted just like the groundbreakers for expression.

We LOVE skewers and hot glue!

Later they were recycled as 'The Cardinals for 2011's Arcanum theme.

'The A;ll' -

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