2008 Builds
'Duncan' - The Lazy Gargoyle

Photos of the 'Duncan' build in 2008 -

He's undergone several re-builds over the years.

For instance, we learned early on that it is a REALLY REALLY bad idea to paper-mache using flour for outdoor props. The squirrels LOVE it! Plasti-dip sealing spray became our go-to fix-it for this. Although, eventually he also got a complete re-mache with glue/water mixture as well.

We also discovered paper-clay later on to build up his features for a far more menacing look.


This slideshow will take you all the way through from present day / latest rebuild back to his initial build in 2008.

Photos of the Balcony Arch build in 2008 - in the end we didn't use the long columns for support - they were too tall for practical application :P

Later, after storing the unused support columns outside, they had decomposed to nearly nothing and were later trashed altogether.

 The arches still survive and were re-purposed and rebuilt for Duncan in 2011.

Balcony Arches

The build process of the Gate Columns in 2008 - These, like the rest of the props, have been beat up significantly over the years.

We still use them - they sit much farther apart at our home in Aurora and support our massive driveway gate now.

The Gate Columns

Photos of the build process in 2008 of the Gargoyle Porch Columns.

I thought I'd try to take this project on myself, while hubs was at work. Needless to say, that they had to be completely rebuilt by the 'Engineer', once he was home, for stability! LOL :D


We used them again in 2011's Arcanum at the Mausoleum entrance.

They have been mostly retired now.

The Gargoyle Columns

Photos of DRM's 2008 Window Facade and Boiler Build -

This was our smallest facade build to date - but we sure were proud of it then!!

Window Facade and Boiler

Photos of the fence build and installation from 2008 - we still use these fences to this day.

They are definitely falling apart after 5 years of use and poor storage habits - but we tend to refurbish or rebuild them somehow every year.


2x2 frames

Poly-flex Irrigation Tubing

Garden Borders

Lots of Paint and Screws!!


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